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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by george, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. george

    george Member

    Hi everyone

    I notice that quite a few more people have joined the site - how aboout popping by here and saying hello. It would be nice to get a few of us chatting - about all sorts.

  2. Yvonne

    Yvonne New Member

    Buying palm trees

    I'm new to this site. I live in the Tortosa area and want to buy some palm trees. can someone tell me the best place to find them?
  3. Pip

    Pip New Member

    Hi George

    I'm brand new to the side and your idea sound great. I guess the summer is a very busy time for most folk but as autumn rolls on there may be a greater inclination to come on here for a chat. I do hope so.

  4. Pip

    Pip New Member

    It seems a shame that not many people use this site frequently. It has great potential. I'm coming to live in Barcelona on November 12th 2009 and gardening is one of the hobbies I hope to nurture. I know nothing at all about gardening in Spain and hoped to learn a bit more from places like this site, I'm still hoping!!. :roll:
  5. Perle

    Perle New Member


    Yes it seems deathly quiet on this site. I wonder why that is.

    I would like some help with loading a photograph album on the site but do not know how. Does anybody out there know how to do it?

  6. rychyrd

    rychyrd Active Member

    Hi Pip. This site does not seem very active so how did your move to Barcelona go. And what have you done in your new garden. Rychyrd
  7. Setenta

    Setenta Member

    I am getting quite despondent. I was hoping that things would 'take off' again but it would appear that the interest is negligible. I will pop back now and again but, to be frank, I have better things to do - like gardening.

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