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    solar pool cover supplier

    Hi, I live near Valencia. Does anyone know of a solar pool cover supplier? Thanks
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    Where can I buy a chicken house?

    chooks Thanks. I'm off to check it out.
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    Spanish vegetable seeds

    seeds Hi, You won't get any answers here. It's a bit creepy. A ghost forum I think. Sorry i can't answer your question, but I have planted garlic and that has grown quite nicely. Maybe if you buy some produce atyour local market you could use the seeds
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    Where can I buy a chicken house?

    Hi, I would love to be able to make one but, sadly, lack the skills. I live near Valencia, Castellon or can even go inland Thanks
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    On line plants website

    hello, I've just joined and looking forward to getting lots of info. Does anyone know of a site I can buy plants in Spain ?:lol: Thanks Helen