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    is there anybody out there

    I certainly hope so Setenta :) Welcome back ritaenkris!
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    is there anybody out there

    Welcome back Setenta, you can update your avatar here:
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    Building Permission

    Thank you, that's a very good point, I will add that to the article.
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    is there anybody out there

    Welcome back bobo, hope you enjoy!
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    Welcome back to Spanish Gardener!

    Welcome to everyone new or old to a new look, Spanish Gardener. The forum has been updated and cleared of spam, and we intend to keep the spammers at bay. There are some articles added in the rest of the site and more will be added as time goes on. Hope you find this site useful and fun...
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    DIY forum

    Please post here any questions or topics you have about DIY in Spain.
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    BBQ Recipes

    A place to share all your tasty BBQ related recipes... and perhaps some to avoid! :)
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    Welcome to Gardening

    Please post all your gardening related questions here, planting, plants etc.
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    Welcome to the

    Welcome to the I hope this will provide a useful resource to anyone gardening in Spain. Please feel free to contribute anything, all contributions are good. Similarly, any questions, queries etc post them in the forum and hopefully someone will respond and help you.