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    Rust marks below the water line.

    I noticed last year that a couple of rust marks have appeared below the water line in our 5 by 10 pool. I've been told the metal rods which were used when the pool was constructed were too close to the pool and need digging out and cutting back. Has anyone else had this problem? If so...
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    is there anybody out there

    Yes I am here. Nice to see the site up and running again. I wish it every success and will be posting.
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    Dame de Notche/Hibiscus/Datura

    I had similar problems with an hibiscus and found that I was over watering it. It doesn't need watering-try stopping the water and see how it looks after a couple of weeks. My one was much happier once I switched off the water feed. I did thid because my neighbours hibiscus was looking...
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    Purple flowered climbing weed !!!

    Any chance of a photo - could be a few things.
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    Spanish vegetable seeds

    Hi Patrick I have bought seeds in a large garden centre and they have proved very successful as long as they are watered properly and cared for (like babies) until they are strong enough to fend for themselves. I am talking about garden centres that have an indoor selection of garden...
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    After Some Advice

    Bourganvillae grows very easily, you can grow it in a tub, but depending on the size of your terrace - it could get quite big. It does look lovely, but try to get a variety without thorns (like rose stems :evil: ) as they could prove lethal on a terrace. There is also a variety which has an...
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    Gardeners Fair and Show.

    Hi Jualsy I would love to attend as I am really interested in finding out about more plants and suitable flowers/shrubs. When would it take place? Sadly I am still working in England alot of the time, but get back to the sunshine as often as I can to tend my lovely garden. Manuel
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    Forget the pound crashing against the euro - Merry Christmas

    I thought I would just pop in and wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy 2009. The pound/euro saga will drift on, but Xmas is here now - so enjoy it one and all.
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    The depth of the trench will be dependent on the size of tree you buy. It is always a good idea to dig the trench a little deeper and wider than the pot the plant comes in. This gves room for the roots to establish when you fill in the holes with plants and top soil. I always fill the holes...
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    marks on the tiles

    I have been told tht the marks are rust coming through from the concrete frame work , where the reinforcing metal bars are close to the inner edge. it is only a small patch, but a nuisance to remedy. The pool has to be drained to the depth of the area needing attention. Then the tiles...
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    The Weather

    I am currently in the UK. The weather is cold, wet and miserable. I always check the weather in the Alicante region and it makes me even more depressed to see the lovely sunshine and 20+ temperature - can't wait to get back to sunnier, warmer days.......
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    We have a hedge of these conifers. They are the tall slim trees -they are not leylandii that you have in UK, so they don't get out of hand. They have small pine cones appear from time to time. They are very cheap to buy - small ones approx. 1.5 euros each. You can buy them slightly bigger...
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    No TV

    Hi Nice to see some new people on board. Has anyone else been affected by the Telemicro Broadcasting group being turned off? We have been without tv for a week now? It appears the police closed them down(according to Costa Blanc News).
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    I love mussells - any suggestions for doing something with them on the bbq?
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    marks on the tiles

    In one part of the pool which is underwater, there appears to be a dark colour to the grouting on a small area. I don't think it is algae as it has been scrubbed, any ideas welcome.
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    Welcome to the

    Hi there I hve only just joined, but the site looks great - hope to find out a fair bit and help where I can.
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    The Weather

    Glad to be in Spain rather than the UK looking at the aweful weather they are having this summer. :lol: :lol:
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    Every evening at dusk, a number of small bats can be seen flying over head (When I am in Spain). Swooping and flying back and forth. Does anyone know where the go during the day and are they flying around all night or just at dusk? Spooky.........
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    Big Brother

    I don't know if anyone elsw watches this, but it is really driving me mad at the moment with new people coming in. I can't stand change :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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    Hi Andy These are really nasty and dangerous procession caterpillars found near Pine trees. I found this on the web about them: Processionary Caterpillars or Pine Caterpillar As every Spanish child knows, don't even think about handling the hairy caterpillars of the pine...